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Roll up Light

IP65 Dual Batten LED fixture

IP65 Dual Batten LED fixture. 
Brand: FSL
Our IP65 Weatherproof LED Batten fits 2x 24W 1500mm LED tubes. It is equivalent in brightness to 2x 58W fluorescent tubes.
High-quality housing consists of PC and ABS and provides protection from dust, water and corrosion.
Power savings ~ 50% over conventional fluorescent tubes, with a more modern and consistent light. 
These fittings have already been pre-wired for LED Tubes.

Fitting Type: T8.
Power Input:185-265V.
Power Rating: 2 x 24W 
Beam Angle: 270 Degrees. 
Waterproof: IP65.
Brightness: Equal to 2 x 58W Fluorescent Tubes.
1540mm x 124mm x 65mm.
Warranty: 2 Years.

Model:IP65 Dual Batten LED fixture